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Commercial Services

Recreation Management → (Pricing)

Certain condominiums, apartments, and recreation complexes have amenities for client usage. As such, we could help to provide recreation staff to help run these amenities by providing a more structured environment on how they are used, as well as to help maintain them.

Recreation Attendance → (Pricing)

This service is a simpler version of recreation management, and could be used to just keep track of amenities. It includes recreation staff helping to check the status of equipment, monitoring statistics of how many people are going in and out, and ensuring that rules are followed by users.

Recreation Programming → (Pricing)

If it is in your best interests to offer more value to residents in your building, we can help to implement a variety of recreation  and leisure programs. This will increase the prestige of your building in terms of having fun and exciting activities for residents to do. (Service Billed Separately to Residents).

Lifeguarding Service → (Pricing)

To help ensure that your pool area is safe and sanitary, it would be a good idea to hire our lifeguards. They will help to prevent drowning incidents, treat injuries or illnesses, and mitigate risks and liability to the building. Our lifeguards will also help to provide general maintenance for the pool & spa. 

Pool & Spa Maintenance → (Pricing)

We know that having a pool or spa in your building can come with its stresses. Our pool technicians can help maintain them by testing the water, ensuring that the water chemistry is optimal, cleaning the pool and spa, making sure that the mechanical room is operating properly, and sending daily reports.

Pool & Spa Inventory → (Pricing)

Pool chemicals and supplies are important for the operation of the swimming pool and hot tub at a building. With this service, we will do a thorough inventory check of all the chemicals and supplies you require to keep the pool and hot tub running properly. Save time, and let us notify you of what is needed. We can also order this on your behalf.

Winterization Service → (Pricing)

With this service we shall conduct the full winterization of your swimming pool or hot tub in order to protect it from cold environmental conditions.  We'll drain the water to appropriate levels, remove fittings and deck equipment, winterize plumbing lines, apply winterization plugs, put in closing chemicals, and install a winter cover for protection.

Pool Reopening Service → (Pricing)

Is it that time of the year to reopen your swimming pool? Let us help you to remove its cover, clear out scumlines, and refill water back into it. We'll rejuvenate your swimming pool so that you can enjoy it during warmer seasons.

Fitness Equipment Service → (Pricing)

Apartments, condominiums, and recreation facilities may come equipped with a variety of fitness equipment for residential usage. It's a good idea to maintain its upkeep. We can help by checking up on the status of all fitness equipment on site, provide necessary lubing, and to call for any repairs or replacements if needed.

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