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Pool Rental Services

Pool Hosting

Please contact us if you would like to host your swimming pool for rent. Hosting is completely free, and you can set the price and conditions of how your pool can be used. Our company will connect you with clients who are interested in renting your pool, and we'll collect 5% commission to cover the cost of running the business.

Pool Renting

Whether you're looking to go for a nice relaxing swim, doing laps in the pool, or just want to float around, you can choose from a variety of available pools and expand your options for swimming. There is no more need to confine yourself to public swimming pools with its fixed hours and limited locations provided by your city. Contact us for more information.

Help Your Community

Help your community learn to swim! If you're an owner of a private swimming pool please let us know if you would like to be a host for our swimming lesson program. We could rent out your pool to set up swimming lessons for people who live in your community. Please contact the company for more information.