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Residential Services

Private Lifeguarding → (Pricing)

For homeowners planning to host a private event at their swimming pool, whether it be for parties, get-togethers, or other celebrations, we can help to provide a peace of mind by offering private lifeguard services directly to your home. Our lifeguards will be there to ensure everyone is safe while swimming.

Swimming Lessons (Pricing)

Swimming is a fundamental survival skill to learn, and is something that can always be improved on. We can help to send swim instructors directly to your home (or rented pool) to provide improvements on stroke technique, speed, and efficiency. We will also have different teaching styles implemented to best suit your needs.

Aquafit Sessions → (Pricing)

Keeping active in the water is a great way to exercise as it provides a gravity-free feeling while moving around. Our company can help to send aquafit instructors directly to your home (or rented pool) to provide invigorating exercises in the water, and play some background music during aquafit to liven up the mood.

Home Childcare Services → (Pricing)

For parents and guardians that need time for other important tasks, we can help to send an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) directly to your home to watch over your kids, to provide them with nourishing recreational activities that foster learning, creativity, and enjoyment.

Yoga Sessions → (Pricing)

Yoga activities have been known to help balance the mind and body, as well as help to stretch your muscles and relieve stress. If you're interested in participating in yoga sessions, we can help to send experienced yoga instructors directly to your home to provide several different levels of yoga activities.

Personal Training → (Pricing

A personal trainer works with clients to help achieve their fitness goals including improvement of muscular endurance, cardiovascular capabilities, and physical flexibility. If you're interested in having a personal trainer help you to achieve your fitness goals, we can help to send one directly to your home. In partnership with Fit 2 Go Toronto.

Pool & Spa Maintenance → (Pricing)

We recognize that having a pool and spa in your home can come with its stresses. Our pool technicians can help maintain them by testing the water, ensuring that the water chemistry is optimal, cleaning the pool and spa, making sure that the mechanical room is operating properly, and sending daily reports.

Pool & Spa Inventory → (Pricing)

Pool chemicals and supplies are important for the operation of the swimming pool and hot tub at your home. With this service, we will do a thorough inventory check of all the chemicals and supplies you require at your home to keep the pool and hot tub running properly. Save time. and let us notify you of what is needed. We can also order this on your behalf.

Winterization Service → (Pricing)

With this service we shall conduct the full winterization of your swimming pool or hot tub in order to protect it from cold environmental conditions.  We'll drain the water to appropriate levels, remove fittings and deck equipment, winterize plumbing lines, apply winterization plugs, put in closing chemicals, and install a winter cover.

Pool Reopening Service → (Pricing)

Is it that time of the year to reopen your swimming pool? Let us help you to remove its cover,  clear out scumlines, and refill water back into it. We'll rejuvenate your swimming pool so that you can enjoy it during warmer seasons.

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